Les Secrets de la Respiration Vibra-Consciente : Un Voyage vers l'Éveil Spirituel avec ÅtayatÉ

The Secrets of Vibra-Conscious Breathing: A Journey to Spiritual Awakening with ÅtayatÉ


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, where every moment seems to escape us, there is a universal key, an Ariadne's thread that connects us to the very essence of our being: breath. This gesture, so natural, so essential, is much more than a simple biological function; it is the catalyst for a deep connection, a bridge between souls, an exchange of love and authentic presence. When we share our breath, we weave a vibrant web of intertwined energies, creating a harmony that resonates far beyond our physical bodies.

Breath is this sacred dance between beings, a silent communication but of incredible power which transcends the barriers of ego and separation. Within it is coherence – a state of perfect alignment where each breath brings us closer to another, allowing us to feel their needs, aspirations and emotions in a deep and empathetic way. It is in this exchange that we discover the true essence of coherence: a symphony of souls meeting, listening and harmonizing.

ÅtayatÉ, in its quest for universal coherence, invites us to rediscover breathing not only as an act of survival but as an act of love, a means of creating more harmony and peace in our lives and in the world. It is an invitation to breathe consciously, to connect with yourself and others, to build bridges of love and light with each inhalation and exhalation.

So let's take a moment to breathe, really breathe, and feel the life flowing within us and around us. Let the breath guide us towards a richer, more conscious and infinitely more coherent existence.

Breath and Circulation of Energy and Information

Breath is the invisible architect of our inner world, shaping and modulating the flow of energy that passes through every cell of our being. It is the conductor of our energy system, directing the flow of life force – prana, qi – through the meridians and chakras, thus establishing a constant dialogue between our body and the universe. Each inhalation is an invitation to life, each exhalation an act of renewal, an opportunity to release what no longer serves our growth.

But breath is not limited to the physical dimension. It is also an information carrier, a means by which we can capture and interact with the subtle information fields around us. These fields, invisible to the naked eye, are the energetic imprints of our thoughts, emotions and intentions. They are the language of the universe, and breath is the key to understanding.

When we breathe with full awareness, we open the doors of our perception to these fields of information. We become receptive to life's subtle messages, synchronicities and intuitions that guide us on our path. Conscious breathing allows us to tune into the frequency of the universe, to align our personal vibration with that of all creation.

It is in this attunement that the secret of energetic coherence lies. By breathing consciously, we harmonize our frequency with that of nature, other human beings, and higher dimensions of consciousness. We become tuned instruments in the cosmic orchestra, capable of playing our part with accuracy and beauty.

Conscious breathing practices, such as pranayama in yoga, Qi Gong in the Chinese tradition, or holotropic breathing techniques, are proven methods for accessing this level of coherence. They teach us to use breath as a tool to navigate the vast ocean of cosmic energy, to cleanse, balance and revitalize our entire being.

By integrating mindful breathing into our daily routine, we invite clarity, peace and vitality into our lives. We learn to listen to the subtle whisper of our intuition, to recognize the signs and coincidences which are not simple coincidences, but beacons of light on our journey. Breath thus becomes a rainbow bridge connecting heaven and earth, the material and the spiritual, the self and the whole.

The Breath and the Perception of Information Fields

At the heart of our quest for a balanced and harmonious existence is the ability to perceive and interact with the information fields around us. These fields, woven with subtle vibrations and energies, are constantly influenced by our thoughts, emotions and intentions. Breath, in its innate wisdom, offers us direct access to these hidden dimensions, allowing us to become attentive readers of the invisible.

Conscious breathing is an open door to the perception of these fields. When we breathe with intention, we refine our senses and expand our awareness. We begin to feel beyond the tangible, to perceive the nuances of the energy that flows between beings and through spaces. This refined perception guides us towards a deeper understanding of reality, revealing to us how our own frequencies can influence and be influenced by the environment.

This interaction with information fields is not only metaphorical; it is palpable and measurable. Modern science is only beginning to scratch the surface of what ancient spiritual traditions have known for millennia: that the breath is a powerful tool for accessing expanded states of consciousness. By cultivating vibra-conscious breathing, we can literally “breathe” the information and energies around us, integrating them into our being for profound transformation.

The third eye, often associated with the pineal gland located in the center of the brain, is considered the seat of intuitive and extrasensory perception. Conscious breathing, especially when directed toward this energetic center, can serve as an activator, awakening the latent abilities that reside within us. By opening the third eye through the breath, we also open our being to a symphony of subtle information, to an inner vision that transcends physical sight.

This expanded perception allows us to navigate life with a more accurate inner compass. We become able to discern the truths hidden behind appearances, recognize connections between seemingly unrelated events, and tap into wisdom that is both personal and universal. Conscious breathing then becomes an act of revelation, a means of illuminating the dark corners of our understanding and bathing our path in the light of clarity.

By practicing vibra-conscious breathing, we align ourselves with the rhythms of nature and the universe. We learn to listen to the subtle language of life, respond to the silent calls of the soul, and act in harmony with the cosmic laws of interconnection. Each breath becomes a word in the sacred dialogue we have with the world, a note in the melody of our vibrant existence.

To learn more and practice vibra-conscious breathing in a guided way, here is an extraordinary workshop channeled by HammanH;

“Breath connects us to what we are… and every living being becomes aware of it by breathing; he only becomes conscious when breathing; by breathing consciously we become more and more aware and we live our relationship with the whole... We connect to each other and to our Being of Light/Christalline... It is through conscious breathing that we achieve connection to the Source …Our Source…”

Here is the link to access it: https://eveilhomme.com/produit/vibrateliers-reconnexion-a-soi-par-la-respiration-consciente/

The Role of the Pineal Gland

Nestled in the center of our brain is a small pine cone-shaped gland, the pineal gland. This mysterious structure, often called the "third eye", is considered the portal to the soul, the link between the physical world and spiritual dimensions. In many esoteric traditions, it is seen as the seat of inner vision and intuition, an organ of the utmost importance for those seeking to awaken their consciousness.

The pineal gland has long fascinated researchers and spiritualists for its ability to produce substances like melatonin, a regulator of circadian rhythms, and potentially dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a molecule associated with experiences of expanded consciousness. But beyond its biochemistry, it is its role in conscious breathing and the perception of information fields that is most captivating.

Practicing mindful breathing, especially when focused on the center of the forehead, can stimulate the activity of the pineal gland. This stimulation may manifest as a feeling of pressure or heat, a sign that energy is activating and circulating in that area. By consciously directing the breath toward the third eye, we encourage the opening of our extrasensory perception, preparing us to receive intuitions and visions that go beyond our usual understanding.

Conscious breathing acts like an internal massage for the pineal gland, freeing it from possible calcifications due to exposure to certain chemicals and a sedentary lifestyle. By keeping this gland healthy and active, we also maintain an open door to higher states of consciousness, where intuition and clairvoyance become reliable guides in our life journey.

Awakening the pineal gland through conscious breathing is a gradual process, a path of patience and perseverance. It is a commitment to oneself, a promise to delve into the depths of our being to emerge with a renewed vision. It is an invitation to see beyond illusions, to recognize the light of truth that shines within us and around us.

By cultivating a regular practice of mindful breathing, we honor and activate our pineal gland, opening ourselves to a world of infinite possibilities. We become explorers of the invisible, cartographers of the interior, travelers enlightened by the light of our own wisdom.

The Subtle Sensors of Our Nose

The nose is much more than just an organ of respiration or a carrier for scents and aromas. It is the home of subtle sensors, fine antennae that capture the nuances of the energy and information that flow through and around us. When we inhale, air is not the only guest entering our inner sanctum; with it come particles of existence, fragments of emotions, and waves of intentions that influence our being at a deep level.

Breathing through the nose is an ancient practice, emphasized in many traditions as the path to optimal health and awakened consciousness. By breathing through our nose, we activate these subtle sensors, which are directly connected to our brain and nervous system. This connection allows us to filter and decode subtle information, integrate it into our consciousness and use it to navigate our reality with a more refined understanding.

Yogis and meditation practitioners have long known that nasal breathing is essential for achieving deep meditative states and for awakening higher energy centers. By focusing on the passage of air through the nostrils, one can achieve intense concentration, mental calm and increased presence. This practice is not only beneficial for our physical health, but it is also a powerful tool for polishing the mirror of our mind, to make it clear and reflective of reality as it is.

The subtle sensors in our nose are also involved in the perception of pheromones, these chemical messengers that play a crucial role in non-verbal communication between individuals. By refining our ability to perceive these signals, we improve our empathy and our ability to understand the emotional states of others, thereby strengthening our social connections and coherence with the community.

By practicing conscious breathing, we honor and stimulate these subtle sensors, opening ourselves to a dimension of perception that transcends the traditional five senses. We learn to listen with our whole body, to perceive with our soul, and to respond with our heart. Each inhalation is a lesson in listening, each exhalation a practice of liberation, teaching us to live in harmony with the subtle language of the universe.

The Importance of Cultivating Information Field Awareness

In the complex tapestry of our reality, every thread is imbued with information, every color is a note in the symphony of existence. Cultivating an awareness of the information fields around us is not a luxury, but a necessity for those who aspire to live a full and conscious life. It is a practice that allows us to connect more deeply to the fabric of life, understand hidden patterns, and navigate the flow of existence with grace and ease.

Vibra-conscious breathing is a powerful method for developing this awareness. It involves breathing that is both deep and rhythmic, breathing that vibrates and resonates with the subtle energies of our body and the environment. By aligning ourselves with the rhythm of our breath, we align ourselves with the rhythm of the universe, and we begin to perceive information that was previously inaccessible to us.

This practice is not limited to an isolated meditation exercise; it extends to every moment of our lives. By being attentive to the signals we receive, to the intuitions that pass through us, and to the synchronicities that present themselves, we cultivate a receptivity that enriches our experience of the world. We learn to recognize the messages that life sends us, to interpret them and to act accordingly, with renewed confidence in inner guidance.

Meditation, in particular, is fertile ground for this cultivation of consciousness. By meditating, we create a space of silence and calm where fields of information can be seen more clearly. We open ourselves to deeper listening, to an increased sensitivity that allows us to receive and understand the whispers of the universe.

Cultivating an awareness of information fields is also an act of healing. By becoming aware of the subtle influences that affect us, we can begin to harmonize, heal and integrate them into our being. This allows us to live more authentically, in accordance with our inner truth and in resonance with the laws of nature.

Ultimately, awareness of information fields is an art form – the art of living in full presence, the art of communicating with all forms of life, the art of moving with fluidity and grace in the world. It is a commitment to being fully awake, fully alive, and fully in coherence with the whole.

The ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stones

Within this quest for harmony and understanding, the ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stones present themselves as precious allies.

These stones, infused with intentions and high vibrations, are useful allies to support and amplify our practice of conscious breathing.

They act as catalysts, facilitating connection with information fields and assisting in the alignment of our personal energies with universal frequencies.

By integrating the ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stones into our life and into our meditation and breathing routine, we give ourselves the means to strengthen our resonance with the subtle world, deepen our consciousness and accelerate our journey towards spiritual awakening .


By following the path of conscious breathing and opening to fields of subtle information, we weave a reality enriched with meaning and harmony. The ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stones are traveling companions in this adventure, tools that awaken and strengthen our connection with the essence of life.

We invite you to explore these ancestral practices and discover how the Coherence Stones can support your quest for balance and awakening.

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