“Contacted in my childhood and connected to the invisible world but also to the beings of the stars, I lived and oscillated between two realities.

But at the age of 8 I closed the doors to this other reality which became a source of suffering for me because I was so different and felt misunderstood.

I fled this within myself and closed the channels of this yet extraordinary reality where I could rub shoulders with the beings of nature as well as connect with the beings of the stars, I remember that I spoke strange languages ​​or that I dreamed of formulas mathematics that I didn't understand, plus all kinds of information on the history of the earth or the stars, in short I felt so different and misunderstood.

Which earned me expulsions from the Catholic school I attended because I expressed that history was not history or religious facts were not what they were related in books or literature. bible...

In short, I protected myself from the outside world and I closed this channel of communication and understanding that I had within me because I wanted to be loved and like others, and I became an ordinary and suffering little boy...

In 1985 I had a car accident, passed away and went up into the light, and there it all began...I came back and stayed connected to the Light and the Worlds of Light and the universal library of infinite knowledge...

On June 22, 2015 I received a new light connection from the Pleiades and communication with a group of Elistire Light Beings.

Today I am the Elistire Channel and we work to seed the human collective unconscious by providing information, technologies, understanding of the universe but also the story of Gaia as you call it, and many more. other things useful for humans to rediscover the ancient path of Light and their place within the galactic confederation.

My mission began now since 08/18/2019 where I was authorized to disclose and work to reveal everything that the stars can give us as support but also as lighting of what we are and what we live in this moment. Secondly, I would also be assigned to organize the reception of the emissaries and Beings of the Galactic Confederation.

The Élistire Group

Elistire is a group of Beings of Light from the Pleiades which is composed of various galactic origins from the Pleiades ranging from the 4th dimension to the 12th. They are in charge of the evolution of our solar system and our earth. They are also groups of scientists who participated in the creation of Gaia as the seed planet and library of our galaxy 4 billion years ago. They are in charge of teaching us about our planetary history but, also, of connecting us to the galactic knowledge of the stars and the awakened spheres of evolution. Each being in the Group is connected to consciousnesses coming from the great consciousness and the field of primordial information... Each being is a Master in its field and can get involved in the processes of evolution and planetary changes... They are libraries at our service…”


Find HammÅnH in the documentary “En conscience” (+3M views)

Since his rise to Light, HammÅnH has regained numerous abilities, including that of bringing Light down into matter.

This is how The Stones of Coherence®, a very ancient Technology of Light, were brought back to our Humanity for its evolution.

Since then, ÅtayatÉ was born to spread Coherence.