Warranty and Refunds

We are not asking you to say yes or no today. We ask you to make a decision with all possible information.
The only way to do this is to experience it for yourself. You will see

if everything we say is true and brings value to you. Then, if you decide to wear your
Pierre de Cohérence ® , if you feel its benefits, if you have seen and felt the
difference by doing the physical tests, you can make the decision to
keep your stone consistent, otherwise, no problem. It's only once
that you wear your Coherence Stone
® that you will be able to make a decision
totally informed from the inside, by your own experience.

For the same reason you won't make the decision
to buy a house without looking at its interior, you cannot make a real decision
without having worn your Coherence Stone.

Please know that if you are not satisfied, we are not.
not. So from the date of receipt of your Coherence Stone, you
will have 3 months to make a decision fully informed by your experience:

Wear your Coherence Stone ® or not .

If you would like us to reimburse you before these 3
months, we will do it, because we only want to use the money of a being
satisfied with our unique offers and services. Just send us a message
via the form below, or write to us directly via

We do this because we have confidence in what we
we do, and we know that wearing a Coherence Stone
® really has
impressive positive impacts, which can be measured instantly thanks to
physical tests.

Reimbursement form