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How it works ?

What is Coherence?

Coherence is the state of Universal balance.

On our scale, it is when our whole Being vibrates in a harmonious and balanced way. This is when the music we emit into the Universe is a perfect symphony.

This is our optimal natural state where our body, thoughts, emotions and being of Light are in perfect alignment.

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The Stones of Coherence® and the principle of resonance

It's not lithotherapy. Your Stone placed in Coherence for you is like a tuning fork which will emit the frequency of coherence to which your bodies and all your frequencies will come to tune.

How it works ?

Applied Quantum Physics and Epigenetics

Nikola Tesla : “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration. »

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frequently asked Questions

Do the ÅtayatÉ de Cohérence Stones require any specific maintenance or cleaning?

It's not lithotherapy. The Stone is the support of Coherence which is a universal principle.

Thus, there is no need to clean or purify your ÅtayatÉ Stone of Coherence.

The Stones retain consistency for millions of years (if not more).

The ÅtayatÉ Stones of Coherence are sufficient in themselves, they are in perfect coherence.

How is Coherence different from lithotherapy?

Coherence is different from lithotherapy because it encompasses a broader and deeper concept.

While lithotherapy focuses primarily on the energetic properties of stones and their use for physical and emotional well-being,

The ÅtayatÉ Stones of Coherence act as resonators of universal Coherence, thus facilitating our own alignment and harmony with living things. They thus restore our balance and harmonize our energy frequencies as well as all our bodies.

They take into account the connection between our being of light, our environment and the Universe as a whole.

Can ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stones help relieve stress and anxiety?

Yes, ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stones can definitely help relieve stress and anxiety.

They act on the body's energy fields and help restore balance and harmony. They promote a state of calm and tranquility, reduce anxiety and stress and provide a feeling of well-being.

By wearing an ÅtayatÉ Stone of Coherence, your emotional balance will be improved.

Do the ÅtayatÉ Stones of Coherence act in the same way on all people?

Although there are major trends of alignment and harmonization, increased vitality, better confidence, clarity and all the benefits you can find at the top of the page, it is true that each experience is unique. Because we are all unique.

The effects may therefore vary from one person to another.

Everyone receives what he or she should receive, and this involves readjustments and rebalancing that are specific to each person.

Can ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stones be used in addition to other therapies or medical treatments?

Yes, it is even advisable to wear one, knowing that it will rebalance and give you what you need to bring you towards your own balance, your own coherence.

How do I choose my stone so that it best suits my needs?

We advise you to choose with your heart. To listen to your intuition. She knows which Stone to choose.

In all cases, the Stone itself is a support. The Coherence that it will resonate for you will be identical, whether it is an Amazonite or a Black Tourmaline for example.

How can I make my ÅtayatÉ Stone of Coherence work on me?

As soon as you receive it, wearing it for 3 days and 3 nights will give you permanent consistency.

Wearing it for 21 days is a guarantee of transformation and liberation.

Then, it is essential to wear your Coherence Stone® for at least 2-3 hours, and to keep your accessories (bracelets) with you as much as possible.

Do the ÅtayatÉ Stones of Coherence have an immediate effect or is it a gradual process?

There is a path of evolution and Les Pierres ÅtayatÉ de Cohérence begins to act instantly.

Indeed, the Coherence of your physical body is instantaneous, while the harmonization of your mental, emotional and divine bodies is progressive.

This is to avoid disturbing your own balance.

Thus, you will evolve with your ÅtayatÉ Stone of Coherence throughout your life.

How can I use Les Pierres ÅtayatÉ de Cohérence in my daily life?

You can use your ÅtayatÉ Stone of Coherence in your daily life using affirmations, meditations and visualizations.

With the purchase of an ÅtayatÉ Stone, we provide you with unique exercises and content in order to make your ÅtayatÉ Stone your own and evolve with it.

How long does an ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stone last?

Stone as a material support is subject to the laws of physics. So it can break.

However, the coherence it resonates is eternal.

The ÅtayatÉ Stones of Coherence are designed to Cohere the World and the Worlds to come.

Your Pierre ÅtayatÉ will always be in Coherence, for millions and billions of years to come.

Est-ce que la laisser dans son sac la journée est suffisant ou faut il être physiquement en contact avec elle ?

Nous conseillons vivement d'être en contact avec elle.

Le fait de l'avoir avec soi, dans une poche est ce qui va être le plus efficace.

Can ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stones be used by children and animals?

Yes, it is even recommended, the ÅtayatÉ Coherence Stones can be worn by children and animals.

As children and animals are more connected to life, they have fewer cumbersome mental structures.

So, the results are even more extraordinary on them.

ÅtayatÉ stones act on energy fields and vibrational frequencies, which is beneficial for all living beings.

They help balance energies, promote calm and harmony, and strengthen emotional and physical well-being.

Do Les Pierres ÅtayatÉ de Cohérence have any side effects or contraindications?

Your ÅtayatÉ Stone of Coherence will bring harmony to you.

This will be done through adjustments and rebalancing.

You may therefore experience fatigue, headaches or other symptoms.

If so, don't worry, it's part of the process.

Give yourself moments of rest and remember to hydrate well. Your ÅtayatÉ Stone of Coherence will bring harmony to you.

This will be done through adjustments and rebalancing.

You may therefore experience fatigue, headaches or other symptoms.

If so, don't worry, it's part of the process.

Give yourself moments of rest and remember to hydrate well

Est-ce qu'une pierre de cohérence peut être cédée à une tierce personne ou est-elle encodée de manière personnelle et spécifique pour la personne qui l'a choisie et commandée ?

Oui, elle est encodée de manière spécifique pour la personne qui l'a choisie et qui l'a commandée, mais elle est aussi encodée de manière universelle. Elle apportera ses bienfaits à chaque Être qui la porte.

Toutefois, elle est surtout mise en cohérence pour son porteur. Elle sera donc parfaitement adaptée à lui/elle et les résultats seront bien plus flagrants.

Est-ce que ça convient pour des personnes de 85 ans ? Est ce que ça ne risque pas de les bousculer un peu trop et de ne pas leur apporter le confort ou le bienfait espéré ?

Cela peut bousculer au niveau émotionnel, et faire remonter des éléments à la conscience, mais pour des personnes âgées et selon notre expérience et nos observations, cela va équilibrer leur corps, les soutenir physiquement, leur apporter plus de vitalité et d'ancrage. Et c'est uniquement au niveau physique !

Les Pierres de Cohérence agissent sur tous les plans de l'Être.

Si on ne porte pas sa pierre pendant quelque temps comme par exemple 3 semaines de vacances, est-ce que ça a une incidence sur son fonctionnement ou reste t'elle active même si nous ne sommes pas à son contact ?

Cela dépend d'énormément de facteurs. Nous gardons les effets de la cohérence plusieurs jours/semaines après avoir porté sa pierre de cohérence pendant un certain temps.

Cela dépend vraiment de chaque individu et de sa propre cohérence.

3 semaines me paraît assez long. Je vous recommande de porter un bracelet de cohérence, qui vous accompagnera lorsque vous ne pourrez pas porter de pierre sur vous. (éviter toutefois de le porter sous l'eau)

Est-ce quelqu'un d'autre peut prendre ma Pierre de Cohérence en mains ?

Bien-sûr ! Vous pouvez la prêter sans aucun risque que la Cohérence soit pertubée ou désactivée.