Comment choisir ma Pierre ?

Choisissez avec votre Coeur, choisissez la Pierre qui vous attire, celle que vous appréciez le plus !

Coherence for You

Our coherence supports (stones and bracelets) are put into Coherence only for You. But they are also put into Universal Coherence. So, even your friends will be able to feel its benefits.

First instant results, effortless

Anchoring and balancing at the physical level is immediate. We are then helped and guided towards more emotional and mental Coherence, which is reflected externally, by new perceptions and changes of direction, more in Coherence with our true desires.

A powerful personalized experience

You are unique. You will naturally receive what is right for you, according to your current needs.

A companion for life

You will be guided and supported throughout your life with your Coherence supports which will evolve with You, and which will always provide you with what you need. It is a precious help on your life path.