Who are we ?

The ÅtayatÉ adventure begins in the fall of 2022. A meeting between HammanH, and Tom and then Marine who were touched in the heart by the power of the Coherence Stones®, they then united around a common mission: to disseminate consistency across the world.

ÅtayatÉ, meaning “The Principle of Coherence in Matter”, is therefore much more than a simple word. It is a philosophy, a mission, a holistic approach which aims to restore balance between our deep essence, the cosmic forces that surround us, our physical body, our thoughts and beliefs, our emotions and all the complexity of our Being in all its manifested and unmanifest dimensions.

It is an invitation to reconnect with yourself, your aspirations, your dreams, but also with the Universe as a whole.

Founder of ÅtayatÉ | Coherence of the Stones


After an experience of rising to the light in 1985, HammanH reconnected with Who He truly Is. He received gifts, notably that of encoding the Christalline grid of each stone so that it broadcasts a personalized field of Coherence to each being.

He is now involved in Cohering the World and transmitting messages and profound teachings to Humanity, in this period of transition to a New World.

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An entrepreneur, adventurer, researcher and explorer at heart, Tom has long searched far and wide for answers to essence-sky questions, with a keen interest in science and spirituality. After meeting HammanH, he understood that the two are not separated and his life changed: everything is already within him.

He has found his way again and is now devoting himself body and soul to cohesive the World.



Marine has known since her birth that she was incarnated with a particular mission, without knowing which one. She spent years searching for answers to find her way and her place in the Universe. She understood immediately when she met HammanH. Very creative and full of energy, she decided to fully commit to this unique adventure: reconnecting with her essence to spread coherence on Earth.