Coherence is the universal architecture. The state of balance from which matter is woven, from which reality dances. Each grain of existence, each natural evolution, is punctuated by Coherence.

So we human beings were originally woven into this fabric. However, our way of life, disconnected from living things for centuries, has disrupted this balance. We have lost our essence, forgotten our deep nature. The web of the mind, with its patterns, its deceptions, its confusions and its veils, has enveloped us.

Coherence emanates from harmony, from the ballet between our energies, our emotions, our thoughts and our body. It forges a powerful and positive attunement, allowing us to fully reveal ourselves here, on this Earth. Moving in harmony, living in the present moment, building conscious connections, Coherence guides us towards our potential, towards our inner well-being.

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Nikola Tesla: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration. »

The application of epigenetics

Epigenetics demonstrates that our internal (thoughts, emotions, beliefs) and external environment modify the expression of our genes.
By transforming our environments, we can transform our lives.

By restoring Coherence within us, the expression of our genes harmonizes with the Universal Coherence field

Our life is gradually transformed towards a state of balance, joy, fulfillment and peace.

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The wave is also both a particle. We live in a reality where everything is Energy, everything is interconnected

Albert Einstein said, “The field is the only reality.”

The field is perfectly Consistent.

The waves emitted by your Coherence Stone will act on your waves and tune you into the Coherence of the Invisible Field behind all that is.

Epigenetics shows how our thoughts and our environment affect our genes, thereby transforming our lives. By restoring coherence within us, our genes harmonize with the universal coherence field, promoting balance and joy.

Quantum physics reveals that everything is interconnected, and the waves emitted by your Coherence Stone align us with this invisible field, creating a deep harmony with the universe. By understanding these concepts, we realize the power of our connection with the universe and that of the Coherence Stones to transform our reality.

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