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HammÅnH choisit votre Bracelet pour Vous

HammÅnH choisit votre Bracelet pour Vous

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45 minutes to rebuild your inner world and create the new world – guided meditation accessible at will (value: €120)

Unlimited, free access to a 45-minute meditation created by HammanH, using the principles of vibra-conscious breathing and creative visualization.

Bonus #2 – Free

Guide to developing 80 qualities and unlocking your potential (value: €130)

Work consciously on all aspects of your life that you wish to change, by
working to develop in you the qualities essential to a change towards
more fulfillment, joy, consistency in everything you do.

Bonus #3 – FREE

2 hours to move towards your happiness – special introspection guide (value: €55)

Direct your life towards fulfillment and happiness by becoming aware of what prevents you from doing so. This guide accompanies you in deep introspection for positive change.

Bonus #4 – FREE

Find deep, restorative sleep in 2 weeks thanks to a naturopath protocol (value: €70)

A protocol designed by HammanH, naturopathy expert, which aims to gradually eliminate ammonia, which is created when our mind ruminates. Ruminating generates ammonia, and ammonia keeps us from sleeping, which generates more rumination, and so on. It's a vicious cycle, and this protocol gets to the root of the problem.

Bonus #5 – FREE

Instantly free yourself from the weight of the past - unique protocol for eliminating emotional toxins

Created by HammanH, this invocation catalyzes our power and allows us to invoke very high energies in the vibration of Love, to help us free ourselves from the weight of the past and to externalize toxic emotions.
Making this invocation with your Stone of Coherence reinforces the Power of your words and your intention.

Bonus #6 - FREE

Join the Cohérence family and gain privileged access to our discussion group, our content, our special offers, our announcements, our unique new products.

You will never be alone. YOU
will be able to interact with us, with our community. Share with those who
live a path and trials similar to yours. Receive content
offered and regular, to accompany you on your path to Coherence.